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Screen Replacements

Cracked iPhone screen? We'll fix it fast! 1-hour repairs for most models.

Back Glass Repair

Shattered back glass? We restore your iPhone's sleek look.

Battery Replacements

Fast battery replacement to revive your iPhone's power.

Camera Repairs

Blurry photos? Cracked lens? We'll get your camera clicking again.

Charging Issues

Charging port problems? We'll get you plugged in again.


Can't hear or be heard? We fix microphone and speaker problems.


iPhone Screen Repair - Fast, Reliable & Affordable

Oops! Did your iPhone take a tumble? Don’t worry. We’re here to help! At The Phone Mason, we’re experts at fixing cracked iPhone screens. We know how important your phone is, so we’ll get it back to you looking brand new in no time.

We fix all sorts of screen problems:

  • We’re super fast: We know you need your phone, so we work quickly to fix it. You’ll be back to texting and scrolling in no time!

  • We’re experts: Our team knows iPhones inside and out. We use the best tools and parts to ensure your phone is repaired properly.
  • We’re affordable: We offer great prices so you can get your phone fixed without breaking the bank.
  • We’re friendly: We’re always happy to answer your questions and explain the repair process.

iPhone Battery Replacement - Power Up Your Phone!

Is your iPhone running out of juice too quickly? It might be time for a battery replacement! At The Phone Mason, we can give your iPhone a new battery and make it last all day long again.

Signs you might need a new battery:

  • Your battery drains super fast: Does your phone die even when you haven’t used it much?

  • Your phone only works when it’s plugged in: That’s no fun! A new battery will let you use your phone freely again.

  • Your phone is old: Just like us, batteries get tired over time. If your phone is a few years old, it might need a new battery to stay powerful
Woman hands Charging mobile phone battery with low battery. plugging a charger

Got a Different iPhone Issue? We Can Fix It!

Is your iPhone acting up in a way we haven’t mentioned? Don’t worry; we’re like iPhone superheroes! We can tackle all sorts of problems, big or small.

Here are a few examples of what we can fix:

  • Water damage: Did your phone take a swim? We’ll dry it out and try our best to bring it back to life.
  • Broken buttons: Can’t turn up the volume or take a photo? We can replace those pesky broken buttons.
  • Charging port problems: Is your phone not charging properly? We’ll fix the charging port and get you connected again.
  • Speaker or microphone issues: Can’t hear your friends on calls or they can’t hear you? We’ll get your phone sounding crystal clear.
  • Software problems: Is your phone running slow or acting glitchy? We can help with software updates and troubleshooting.

And much more! Even if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your iPhone, bring it to us at The Phone Mason. We’ll diagnose the problem and find the best solution to get your phone back in tip-top shape.

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