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MacBook Repair Services

Full Display Replacements

Broken MacBook Screen? We Fix it Fast.

Software Issues

Mac Not Acting Right? Software Solutions Here.

Other Problems

MacBook Troubles? We Have the Fix.

We Fix Broken MacBook Screens!

Did your MacBook screen take a tumble? Don’t worry; we’re here to help! At The Phone Mason, we’re experts at fixing cracked or broken MacBook screens. We know how important your computer is, so we’ll get it back to you looking brand new in no time.

We can fix all sorts of screen problems:

  • Cracks and scratches: Even a tiny crack can be annoying. We’ll replace your screen and make it look perfect again.
  • Shattered screens: Did your MacBook take a significant fall? We can replace completely shattered screens, too.
  • Weird lines or dots: If your screen has strange lines or dots, we can fix that, too!
  • Dim or flickering screens: We can make your screen bright and clear again.

Software Issues

Are you experiencing software problems with your MacBook?  We diagnose and fix software issues efficiently.

Problem Not Listed?

Need help finding your specific MacBook issue here? No worries! Contact us for a free quote, and we’ll find a solution to get your MacBook back up and running.